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Tunes: You suppose know by Bez Idakula

Common guys, I know this may seem cheesy but get your lady dancing to this music, You suppose Know by Bez. It is just another classical music that gets you dancing in a rather playful way and nodding your head to the beautiful tunes coming from the instrumentals. Bez

Produced by Cobhams Asuquo from the yet to be released Sophomore album, You suppose know by Bez is just a hit for me. I can’t believe how I have fallen for the song that I need to change my ringtone. I am guessing when people call me now, I am likely to be nodding away or tapping my feet for a few minutes or maybe seconds before I pick the phone. So, if I miss your call, it’s not intentional darlings. Bez has got me hooked at least for the next couple of days. So, just try ringing me a second time *lol*

“Baby, Baby, oh oh oh baby, why you kon they fear say one day I go disappear” that is the recurring line in the song and it talks about the love of a man for his lady, reassuring her that his love is here to stay. Not minding whatever, he is certainly not going to leave her. Ladies, isn’t that one assurance you want to get from your man. Well, I think if he can’t sing it to you, no harm in getting him to play the music for you. For those getting married this weekend, Bez just saved you the hassle of picking a dance song. Just ask the DJ to get this cued up and let the dance begin.

I already see you rolling about on your bed if that is where you are when reading this and if you are in traffic, just nod away and let the traffic not get to you. If work is already getting so intense and you send this link to your lady, she is most certainly going to be smiling right about now. But first, listen and tell me what you think:


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