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tw magazine is in need of a Graphic Designer

Are you creative, articulate and resourceful? Do you have a strong intuition? Have you ever wished you could join a media team? Is your house on the island? Well, maybe you just found yourself a job as a graphic designer at tw magazine.

tw magazine is in need of a highly creative Junior Graphic Designer to work with its  highly talented Graphic Designer who is ever willing to impact knowledge in his team members. The position requires you to be extra hard working and equally smart. It requires your undivided attention to work and you just need to be very passionate about the work. It does come with the opportunity to work with a leading female magazine in Nigeria, one that is making waves in the country at the moment.

Tw Magazine as earlier stated is a leading female magazine. Its office is located on the Island which is why Islanders will be given preference seeing that this is a job that requires you to work round the clock at some point in the month. The head of that team is said to be very understanding and has won a few awards in recent times. So, if you are even looking to learn more and expand your knowledge, then this is a job that you want to jump on.

As a junior Graphics designer, you will be responsible for some of the layouts done in the magazine but under the supervision of the creative director. tw magazine is a team of creative minds and they are happy to have another creative mind on board.

If you fit the bill and will like to join the design team, then send an email to You have until the 16th of August, 2015 to make your dream come through.

We wish all prospective candidates, the very best of luck as this is a highly contested position. You don’t want to miss it!

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