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The Unboxing of Lenovo C2 Power + First Impressions!

Lenovo has launched a new device under its C series, Lenovo C2 Power.

The device which was launched late last year, comes in what looks like  a lemon green and white pack. From our research, we discovered that the device comes in 2 colours- black and white.


Asides from the device which has a removable battery, the box contains an earpiece, a screen protector (value add), USB cord, a power socket and the manual. Lenovo C2 power accessories

Company Info:

Lenovo C2 power is a dual micro SIM android device, 5 inches in size with a 64-bit quad core processor. It comes with a RAM size of 2gb and the ROM is 16gb which can be expanded upto 32gb. The front camera is 5mp and the back comes with 8mp auto focus lens. The battery size is 3500mAh which we already mentioned to be removable.Lenovo c2 power battery

First Impression:

When we got the device, we actually thought that the battery was inbuilt. Not until we started to look for the SIM card slot which we thought would be by one of the sides, that we discovered that the back cover of the device could be opened and in there is the battery, the SIM cards and memory card slots. Having a removable battery isn’t such a bad idea seeing that we sometimes worry what becomes of the device when we have problems with the battery. With this, you can just change the battery and still have your device. Also, the era of carrying 2 batteries may be over but some people still do. With this, you can have an extra battery for that moment when you are going on a trip with no power bank( which we strongly advise against).

One of the problems that some people have when they get a new device is trying to figure out how to take a screenshot. With the Lenovo C2 power, you click the middle of the volume button and the power button, at the same time.

Someone also asked us very recently where they could find the torchlight on one of the previous devices that we have reviewed. Hence the need to mention this- all you have to do is slightly drag the device from the top and the options with the flashlight come up.

Since the company mentioned that the charger was quick charge, we decided to test how quick it is. From 0-100%, it took 1hour 30 minutes.

The camera quality is fair for the price and it has the feature that attempts to tell your age and gender when you try to take a selfie.

You also have 2 other modes asides the regular mode, Panorama and color effect. Panorama mode is when you take a series of scenes in one shot and the color effect allows you to apply filters before taking the image.

Has anyone here used the device yet, let us know what your experience was. If you haven’t and will like to get a firstthand experience of the device, visit any of the Lenovo authorised stores.


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