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All You Need to Know About IGTV

IGTV was recently launched by Instagram. It is a cool app which justifies the whole hype on video content being everything. It is about to change the way that we use our data and mobile devices.  Even more, it pays attention to how young people spend a lot of their time on their phones than. Quite frankly, I would rather be watching contents via my phone than on a Television. That way, I get to do other stuff, especially with the cool split feature on my mobile device.

IGTV is like having YouTube on Instagram as it allows you to watch longer videos in a vertical form. What this means is, you do not have to tilt your device to watch content. When horizontal videos are published there, it sort of creates the blur around the video. This is just like you have the black borders when you publish a vertical video on YouTube.

IGTV has a stand alone app but, like Facebook, Mark and his team ensured that you do not need to do anything extra to access the channels if you already have an Instagram account. So long as your Instagram app is up to date, you will find the app icon on the top right corner of the device. When your followers who already have a channel publish contents, you will also see notifications pop on the top.  When you click on the icon, you automatically have contents being shown without having to search. You have contents curated for you, contents from people you follow, popular contents and contents you have watched that you want to keep watching. It also has that TV shhhh thing about it which really takes my mind back to when a channel is off and you are trying to get the signal back. They really put some serious thought into developing this app to look like an actual Television experience.

My Experience with IGTV

When I saw people speaking about the app, I just viewed what it was that was going on there. Right after work, I had done some research and realized I did not need a new user name to have a channel as the app will automatically use the Instagram user name cos it is still within the same system. So, I went right ahead to create the channel and voila, it was up and ready for contents. Thus far, I have uploaded 4 contents across 3 accounts- SoTectonic, ST Hair & Beauty and Oma263(I wish I could get Oma as a username across all platforms). The good thing is, when you need to go in between accounts on the IGTV app, you don’t need to sign out from one. You just switch accounts like you do on the Instagram app.

I bet you are wondering why I go to the app when I can do it from Instagram. I am having issues uploading contents from my gallery directly on the platform which may be peculiar to me. However, when I go through the app, it is all so easy . Two contents that I think you should check out on my IGTV is my day out with Lancome and the message that I put out on International Widows Day.

I am looking to create more contents in the next couple of days- contents that are exclusive to IGTV. I have a few ideas but, I will love to hear from you. What do you want to see and how do you intend to use IGTV.

Thank you for reading and till I come your way with another cool content, stay inspired!

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