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Unraveling Paradiso by Roberto Cavalli

roberto-cavalli-paradiso-model-shotWelcome to another exciting post from the fragrance and scents series! We did mention to you at the beginning of the month that quite a number of brands will be launching new fragrances this month and we started out on a very sensual note with the Emozione by Salvatore Ferragamo. Today, we have our hands on the beautiful, elegant, classy and luxurious Paradiso by Roberto Cavalli which goes live in Nigeria on the 9th of May, 2015 and will be having the animation at The Palms shopping complex in Lekki. For those who do not understand what an animation is, it is the professional term when a luxurious brand is promoting a new line and I can assure you that they have lots of goodies for anyone who carts a bottle away.

Let’s focus on Paradiso for a little while so that you can get accurate information on what kind of stock the fragrance is made of, the scents that nicely penetrates the atmosphere and the pride of the bottle. That way, all you need to do is stop by the Paradiso stand this weekend and ask the ladies to let you experience the fragrance first hand but please, go with your cash and your card so that you do not leave the stand without a bottle that comes with a well stocked goody bag.

2015-05-08 06.58.44Package: The Paradiso was love at first sight for me. The artistic carving of the brand’s signature at the top of the pack made me want to consider a tatoo of that nature on my phone case *lol*. Written in gold and well placed on something that looks like mint green but diffuses into a mixture of mint green and gold and towards the end, completely fades into gold. Isn’t that concept awesome? Fade into gold? I mean, what else would you rather fade into if not luxury. I am not sure why the package keeps singing aqua marine into my head but lets move on.2015-05-08 06.59.58

Bottle: A quick peek into the pack and my eyes is met with the nicely crafted signature of Roberto Cavalli in gold which makes the head of the bottle look goldish but it is a crystal head and just gives that reflection on the head. Just beneath the cap is a gold crusted metal rope entwined all around the bottle. The bottle has about 9 sides. It comes in a 30, 50 and 75 ml and I have the 50 ml *big smile*2015-05-08 07.03.262015-05-08 07.08.36

Scent: Even as you open the pack, the beauty of the bolder mint green or the goldish silverish head of the bottle isn’t where Roberto Cavlli stops with Paradiso. The scent that meets your senses is so commanding yet so soft and the least choking. Writing this review, I had the pack open beside me and the scent just kept making me want to have a shower and splash some Paradiso on me for the day which I am sure to do. It has a floral yet woody scent. I am not a fragrance expert but it has the sweet scent of a citrus fruit likely Madarin and a blend of the Jasmine floral. The woody scent I confirmed is cypress, parasol pine and pink laurel.

Longetivity: The scent stays on all day. Yes, this is no hype. It sure stays all day and reminds me of why I love my Samsung Galaxy A5 though I am getting ready for an upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S6edge. That phone is a bloggers tool but before I get carried away, today, it is all about Paradiso. Came home after jumping bus last night and you know all the smell that is likely to come with that. Yet, I was commended for smelling good even at that late hour and I was all smiles and quick to say, “its all thanks to my new fragrance by Roberto Cavalli. It is the Paradiso”. That is the confidence that it gives you all day!

And that is a wrap on the new fragrance, Paradiso by Roberto Cavalli. If you come close to me at the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria which is set to hold on the 23rd and the 24th of May, be rest assured that I will be exuding the scent of Paradiso. Do I love it? You can tell from my review. Want to find out if I am telling the truth? Visit the Palms this weekend on the 9th and 10th of May, 2015. *wink*


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