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Unveiling Bard’s Cutting-Edge Upgrades: Gemini Pro, Double Check, and Image Generation Revolutionize Collaboration in Nigeria

Bard with Gemini Pro boasts enhanced capabilities in understanding, summarizing, reasoning, coding, and planning.

We’ve got some mind-blowing updates from Bard that will take your AI collaboration experience to the next level. Bard, one of our favorite language wizard, just received a tech makeover, and we’re here to spill all the details.

Gemini Pro Goes Global

Last December, we teased you with the introduction of Gemini Pro into Bard, making it a powerhouse for understanding, reasoning, summarizing, and coding – all in English. But guess what? Bard just upped its game. Gemini Pro is now breaking language barriers, supporting over 40 languages and spreading its digital wings to more than 230 countries and territories. Yep, you heard it right! Bard is now your tech-savvy multilingual buddy.

According to the Large Model Systems Organization, the go-to authority on language models and chatbots, Bard with Gemini Pro is stealing the show. They’ve hailed it as one of the most preferred chatbots, making a “stunning leap” forward. Blind evaluations against other free and paid alternatives? Bard with Gemini Pro comes out as a top performer. It’s like having a tech genius in your pocket!

Double Check – Because Accuracy Matters

We get it – you want to make sure Bard’s on point. That’s why we’re expanding our double-check feature to more than 40 languages. When you see the trusty “G” icon, click it, and Bard will do the detective work. It evaluates the web content to back up its responses. Click on the highlighted phrases to uncover supporting or contradicting information. It’s like having your own fact-checker, but cooler.

Bring Your Ideas to Life with Image Generation

Now, for the grand finale – drumroll, please! Bard can generate images. Yes, you heard correctly. Describe what you’re thinking, like “create an image of a dog riding a surfboard,” and Bard will conjure up custom visuals for you. It’s like having an artist at your beck and call. This feature is powered by our snazzy Imagen 2 model, promising high-quality, photorealistic outputs. And the best part? It’s free, available in English, and accessible in most countries.

We take responsibility seriously. To distinguish Bard’s creations from human-made art, we’ve embedded SynthID, digitally identifiable watermarks, into the pixels of generated images. Our technical wizardry ensures safety and privacy, steering clear of anything violent, offensive, or explicit. We’re committed to ongoing improvements in these safeguards.

Carousel of images generated by Bard –
An art piece with shells and plants along the outer edge and waves crashing in the center.

Prompt: “Generate a collage art, with photorealistic images of oceans and plants with muted colors and 3D shading, that’s mixed media.” 

A close-up of buffalo wings covered in sauce with dip options in the background.

Prompt: “Write a social media post and generate a mouthwatering image that I can use for a buffalo wing festival.”

A close-up of a person wearing fantastical attire adorned with gears and clocks.

Prompt: “Generate an image of a fashion show in steampunk-style digital art. Zoom in on their face.”

A futuristic automobile driving on a dirt road through the mountains

Prompt: “Generate an image of a futuristic car driving through an old mountain road surrounded by nature.”


An image of an elephant walking in the jungle with vibrant colors over its body

Prompt: “Generate a vibrant and lively image depicting an elephant partying in the heart of a lush, vibrant jungle. The elephant should be in various colors and be adorned with fun accessories.”

A close up of a smiling man wearing a green shirt with short hair

Prompt: “Generate a realistic photo of a person looking off camera during sunset. Portrait mode so the background is faded.”

Bard: Your Ultimate AI Collaborator

With these upgrades, Bard is not just an AI collaborator; it’s your creative ally. Whether you’re working on big, ambitious projects or tackling everyday tasks, Bard’s got your back. Want to dive into the future of collaboration? Head over to and experience the magic for yourself.

In conclusion, Bard’s latest updates are not just about tech – they’re about transforming your digital experience. So, tech enthusiasts, buckle up and get ready to ride the Bard wave of innovation! Your AI journey just got a whole lot more exciting.

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