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Unveiling the Power of Support: Chef Sunny Shares the Journey to a Guinness World Record with Chef Hilda Baci

Step into the sizzling world of culinary excellence and record-breaking achievements! The awe-inspiring cook-a-thon led by the remarkable Chef Hilda Baci has left an indelible mark, forever inspiring us. Amidst this historic event, Chef Hilda had a number of amazing assistants including the ever-supportive and vibrant Chef Sunday Ajom, fondly known as Chef Sunny.

As the kitchen assistant extraordinaire, Chef Sunny not only contributed his skills but also became a beacon of motivation and unwavering strength for the determined record-breaker. Join us as we delve into the extraordinary journey of Chef Sunny and his unforgettable collaboration with Chef Hilda during the exhilarating cook-a-thon at Amore Gardens in Lagos. Get ready to be tantalized by the secrets and stories that unfolded in this culinary adventure!

Can you provide a brief background about yourself, Chef Sunny, and your culinary journey leading up to your collaboration with Chef Hilda Baci?

Hey there! I’m Chef Sunny Ajom, the culinary maestro from Benue state, representing the Igede tribe. Growing up in Lagos and Ogun State, I had dreams of becoming a lawyer, but fate had other delicious plans for me. My Grandmom ran a canteen, and my Late Sister followed her passion to become a caterer. To keep the family foodie tradition alive, I became a kitchen assistant for my aunt’s husband, who happens to be a talented chef. That’s when I started gaining valuable experience and falling in love with cooking.

 Sunny Shares the Journey to a Guinness World Record with Chef Hilda Baci

In the days leading up to the cook-a-thon, what specific preparations did you undertake to ensure a successful event? Did you encounter any unique challenges during the preparation phase?

Well, to be honest, I didn’t have any specific preparations or challenges for the cook-a-thon. I was supposed to resume work the next day, but the manager told me to come in later. Little did I know that Chef Hilda had something epic in mind. She was going to do a dry run of the cook-a-thon and i was to assist.When I arrived, there was a massive crowd waiting. She was at liberty switch kitchen assistants throughout the cook-a-thon but she decided to stick with me.

As a support system for Chef Hilda, your role involved encouragement and assistance. Can you share a specific instance where your support made a significant difference? Were there any moments where you felt overwhelmed or doubted the success of the endeavor?

Oh, there was a moment during the cook-a-thon when Chef Hilda started feeling the exhaustion. There were times she wanted to throw in the apron and call it quits. That’s when I swooped in and reminded her of her amazing capabilities. I whispered to her, “This hard work is just a down payment for a lifetime of success and rest. You’ve got the support of everyone here, but remember, the most powerful cheerleader is yourself. Stay positive and believe in your culinary magic!” And guess what? She regained her strength and rocked the kitchen!

Handling the pressure in the kitchen can be demanding. How did you manage the high-stakes environment and maintain focus and composure throughout the cook-a-thon?

Ah, the pressure in the kitchen is like a sizzling hot pan, but I didn’t let it burn me! I’ve been in this game for years, so I knew what to expect. Since I was Chef Hilda’s right-hand helper, I focused on keeping her spirits up and minimizing her stress. I stayed determined, reminding myself that we had a target to hit, and distractions were off the menu!

 Sunny Shares the Journey to a Guinness World Record with Chef Hilda Baci

Recovery after an intense culinary event like the cook-a-thon is crucial. How did you take care of yourself physically and mentally during the recovery phase? Were there any valuable lessons you learned from the process?

Recovery is as essential as whipping up a delicious dish! After the cook-a-thon, I made sure to rest up and take care of myself. I learned some valuable lessons too! Never give up on your dreams, stay focused no matter how tired you are, and remember that hardships are temporary. I wasn’t too exhausted during the event, thanks to my experience, but I did experience some leg pain towards the end. But hey, it’s just part of the culinary journey!

After this exceptional experience, how would you describe yourself as a chef? In what ways do you believe this event has contributed to your growth and development?

This experience has spiced up my culinary career like never before! Meeting amazing people I never expected to cross paths with was mind-blowing. It felt like a reward from the heavens above. It has given me a boost of courage and determination. Now, I believe that anything I set my mind to, I can achieve. I’m excited for more collaborations and cooking adventures, so stay tuned!

Reflecting on the entire journey, what are the most significant lessons you learned from collaborating with Chef Hilda and participating in the record-breaking attempt? How do you think these lessons will influence your future endeavors?

Chef Hilda has taught me some incredible lessons. The most important one is to go all-in and follow your dreams with unwavering determination. She showed me that with the right mindset, you can achieve anything. These lessons will definitely shape my future endeavors. I’ll keep that fiery passion burning in the kitchen and continue collaborating with Chef Hilda and other brilliant minds in the culinary world!

Now that Chef Sunny has become a recognized brand, what can we expect from you in terms of upcoming projects, collaborations, or personal ventures? How do you plan to leverage your newfound recognition and achievements?

Get ready for some mouthwatering excitement! I’m launching my YouTube channel very soon, where I’ll be serving up a delightful blend of education and entertainment with all things culinary. From cooking tutorials to behind-the-scenes adventures, there’s a lot in store! With the recognition and achievements under my apron, I plan to leverage them to bring more joy and flavor to people’s lives. I am thankful for the role my management is playing in all of this. With God and my management there’s a lot planned and many more to expect in future. Stay tuned, foodies!

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