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Why Using Cotton Bud to Clean the Ear Isn’t Healthy

The Ear is a very sensitive organ of the body and pretty much very soft. Hence, attempting to keep it clean has to be done the right way if we must avoid damage. While we might have been taught to use cotton buds to get rid of the excess wax that the ear canal produces, an ENT doctor confirms that this is a very dangerous way of cleaning the ear which could cause pain to the ear drum. Hence this article on why using cotton bud to clean the ear isn’t healthy.

Just as the ear produces the wax by itself, it also takes care of the cleaning by itself. From what we gathered, when the wax comes in contact with air or water, it softens and falls off. Many a times, we actually do not realize when that happens but be rest assured that it does and that is how the ear drum stays clean.

We were made to understand that some people secrete the wax faster than others that when it becomes excessive, it becomes painful. What the doctor does advise is to visit the ENT doctor and have them flush it. This may sound like the doctor is trying to have you patronizing the clinic but it is not. This leads us to why using the cotton bud to clean the ear isn’t healthy.

Attempting to use the cotton bud may get the cotton bud dirty with some wax but what we do not know is, using the cotton bud pushes the wax back inside and adds pressure to the ear drum. Should this accumulate over a period of time, you are likely to experience temporary ear blockage, ear pain and if not attended to on time could lead to severe hearing problems.


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