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Valentine Gift Ideas For Content Creators

7 creators share what they will like to get for Valentine.

Since it’s gift-giving season, I reached out to a few content creators to share what they will like to get for Valentine’s day. Here is what they had to say:

Lade is a fashion and lifestyle content creator. Recently, she shared a new camera and accessories on her YouTube channel. However, as I mentioned here, creators are continually buying new tools and equipment which makes this an ideal gift for creators. Just be sure they don’t already have what you want to get them. For Lade, she mentioned that she will like any of the latest phones. So, I am guessing the Iphone 12 or the Samsung S21 series will be in that range. Other things are already mentioned in the image above.

Eric is a very successful tech YouTuber. I never would have guessed his pick. However, if you just got a new phone, best believe, a phone case doesn’t always come cheap. Especially if the phone you got just got launched in the market like the S21ultra.

Onyinyechi is a fashion, skincare and lifestyle creator who recently moved from Ibadan to Lagos. It makes perfect sense to want decorations for her new space because that is where she is most likely going to be filming from. For creators, it usually is a big deal to have aesthetically pleasing backgrounds. She recently renovated her space in Ibadan before this move and we trust she will do a pretty good job with this new space as well.

Ibrahim runs the popular Unilag Olodo media. You are probably familiar with the blog but a lot of media activities equally go down there including video editing. Hence his want for a MacBook pro. What I find really interesting though is the anti glare lens. We all need that with the amount of time we spend on the screen.

Engineer Adaeze is a fashion content creator. Now, you see that one thing that really cuts across for all creators is their tools and equipment. They also want some rest and i must say, well deserved too.

Femi is also a fashion and lifestyle creator. Quite frankly, what he has asked for is support and that is what every creator seeks when we push out content. It shows you care about them and appreciate their work.

Tuke is a fashion and lifestyle creator who has really blown up on TikTok. She is doing an amazing job over there. Her request is simple- vacation. She really wants one and Maldives tops that list. So, if you know a travel company that may be looking for creators to work with, ask them to check out Tuke’s Instagram account.

I did a summary of the listed items here on my YouTube Channel. Do check it out;


If you are like Ibrahim who thinks that Valentine is a plot by Corporations to fuel consumerism, well, know that these items really go beyond Valentine. See them as gift ideas for creators at anytime of the year.


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