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We Are 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just like Yesterday, now this is the point where I will say scratch that?. It doesn’t feel like yesterday at all. It has been a really long journey getting to this point. That is, being 5 as a brand.

In 2012, I was actively involved in a lot of development programs in Ogun State and wanted to showcase some of these works while addressing the issues that hinder development stemming from my educational background. Coupled with my passion for writing, I decided to start a blog. Did I know what it entails? Not at all but, I was eager to learn and I had a friend who was willing to teach. We discussed the details and just as I got ready to round up my time in Ogun State, we launched.

As time went on, we began to diversify the focus to cater for what I thought the public wanted. We tried to feel their pulse and threw in new stories every now and again. We tried to do news but realised that we wanted more than reporting a story. We wanted to tell the story not because it was hot and trending but because we wanted that story to inspire another. So gradually, we scratched that off and began to focus on ensuring that if we had to tell a story, it was not just relevant but had a lesson or could inspire someone. Hence the tagline Inspire and Promote All.

Few years after, we are gradually coming of age though still tweaking and learning but we have a more defined outlook as to what really this lifestyle platform should project. Winning the ELOY Awards with the theme The Year of Inspiration further helps to bring clarity to our vision and affirms to us as a brand that what we started out to do is that which we should stick to and that is telling lifestyle stories that inspire. Hence we will be changing our tagline which will be revealed soon. Be it a fashion, beauty, technology or health story, it has got to inspire our readers. They have to have positive impacts on their lives as a result of contents that we create.

This 5th year is off to a good start and we are calling on everyone seeking for a platform to express their thoughts to reach out. We are happy to get fresh ideas and new contents. If you want to tell your brand story or your lufe story, please reach out. We have also created a community of contributors who will be paid for quality contents and stories that you create as well as a community of people who review contents created and leave comments on the page such that we know what needs to be improved. To join, send an email to  We will also be rewarding active members of the community monthly from the website to the YouTube page as well as on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Our 5th year begins today and we are delighted to have you be a part of our STfamily, a family that is loyal and extremely supportive. I know you deserve a party but not today as Church calls and we have a huge event on our hands slated for the end of the year. However, we will have giveaways and still work towards that party. Thank you for believing in this dream and let’s keep talking.

I remain Editorially yours, Oma Ehiri!

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