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Wedding Corner: The Trick to Achieving a Fuller Ball Gown or Skirt

Wedding shopping has begun and it is a lot more tasking than I ever imagined. I have been searching non-stop online just to find that dress that may not be perfect but is a show stopper even for my budget. This is because I am having a hard time spending so much on a dress that I get to wear for only a few hours and will never be able to wear again. I have also visited a few stores physically and though there were some gorgeous pieces, we still haven’t gotten the dress. What we have succeeded in doing is making some discoveries that has been helpful in shopping a dress. The first discovery which I will be sharing today is, the trick to achieving a fuller ball gown.

I walked into a bridal store in Paris and saw this dress on a mannequin. It was standing so full and perfect and immediately, I wanted to get into it. I had my friend Ify speak to the store attendant because I do not speak French and she said the one on the mannequin was too big for me but she had something a little closer to my size but, she could hold it so that I see the fit. Ii had no problem with that but my problem began when the dress looked so flat and she still insisted it was the same thing as the dress on the mannequin. After a little persuasion from my husband, I agreed to get into it. Besides, there is absolutely no harm in fitting a dress. If I do not see what I want in it, all I should do is get out of it and find the next dress or the next store.

Then came the shocking discovery as the store attendant started out by placing some cloth on the floor. This was to protect the dress from stains on the floor but that is not even the discovery. She went on to bring out a round looking skirt and asked that I get into it. It was then that it all began to dawn on me. This was the garment responsible for making the gown look so full. As soon as I put the wedding gown on, it sat so well and even fuller on me that the mannequin. Then my curiosity rose and I began to ask questions. Luckily, we had the owner of the shop speak a little English and she was of great help.

The under garment is called Crinoline.


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It is a clothing worn under the gown to add extra volume to the skirt. It could be a tulle or netting but it comes in sizes. The lady at the store mentioned that it comes in 3 sizes and what I had on was the medium. Apparently, it could be sewn to the gown but some people want the gown to be without the crinoline which is why some of the bridal stores make them to be without the crinoline.

I do have a few outfits that have the nets at home but I never knew that I could make them even bigger if I wanted with the aid of a simple under garment that could cost as low as 9euros or as much as 230euros depending on the designer or the stockist.

Now that you know about the crinoline, I guess you can go ahead and shop that gown which is not as full as you desire it to be knowing that it could be fuller with a piece of undergarment.

Will you like to learn more wedding terms, tips and tricks? Let me know in the comment section below!

Oma Ehiri

Featured image via Wedding Lande

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