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Wedding Guest Inspiration in Ofumam by Grace & Veba

Saturdays, we say, are for weddings. That’s because, over here in Nigeria, the most ideal day to wed is on Saturday when all your friends and loved ones plus the mogbomoyas can actually make time out to party hard with you. However, I have been told that the easiest way to cut down the mogbomoyas is to actually have your wedding on a week day when people ought to be at work. And so, the people that actually get to attend are those that truly love you and can’t afford to miss your big day, even if they have to come at lunch break.

Well, today’s post is not about the guest list but about the guests’ attire. Usually, the couple gets to worry about the kind of fabric that they select for their asoebi which is the uniform material that every guest is expected to associate themselves with. That is the way we know those that are really a part of the wedding. Veba can save you all that headache and stress with the plethora of designs that is available in the showroom. The good part of it is, if you want something new or have an idea different from what you see, Veba has a factory of its own where they produce these designs. Though located in Czech Republic, the staff is very accessible. All you have to do is let them know what kind of design you will love and you can have them weave it into reality.ankara styles

Veba recently launched a new collection called Mosaic and this collection is associated with one of my favourite lines from the brand, Mystic lines. Some of the fabrics were showcased at the just concluded Africa Fashion week Nigeria but we are yet to get the professional images. However, I had one of the designs made for me into this lovely gown by the designer who worked with the brand, Ofumam by Grace.ankara styles

To be honest, I have never thought that highlows could look good on me. Many a times, I have chickened out after telling the designer to make one for me. This time, I just dropped the fabric and asked them to make me whatever they felt would look good on me yet appropriate for the occasion and voila, I got myself a highlow dress.ankara styles

All that you see is pretty much the fabric, except for the lining *smiles*. The tailors took their time to cut out the patterns from the fabric and then went on to stictch it which is why the lower part of the gown looks as though it is different. Hand made with love, I must add and I rocked it with all the grace that I could gather.ankara styles

I absolutely love this dress and if you are looking for the next style to wear to that wedding, you really should consider this look. You wouldn’t be competing for a place with the bride as you can just play down the rest of your accessories such that you stand out but only as a guest should. What do you think?

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Hair by ST Hair & Beauty (@sthairandbeauty)
Wigged by Beauvonne (@beauvonne)
Fabric by Veba (@vebafashion)
Tailored by Ofumam by Grace (@ofumam by Grace)
Handbeads from National Theatre
Shoes by Deichmann (
All images were shot with Samsung Galaxy S8 (@samsungmobileng)Oma Ehiri


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