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Wedding Guest: Oma in Khoobsorat

2015-04-25 04.54.17From the MakeUp to the dress, Oma looked simply gorgeous for a wedding last weekend. It is not everyday we see her step out looking all made up and those lashes, they made those eyes pop.

Here are the pictures taken with the Samsung Galaxy S6edge and the Samsung Galaxy A5; no effects added. Just the camera taking shots from different angles, distance and under varying light conditions.

Up close and selfie style

2015-04-24 23.55.28  2015-04-25 04.39.57 2015-04-25 04.53.282015-04-24 23.56.18


Half Way:

2015-04-24 23.52.39 2015-04-24 23.53.48

Full Images: 2015-04-24 23.54.39 2015-04-25 05.02.39 2015-04-25 05.03.21 2015-04-25 05.04.02 2015-04-25 05.04.02Happy girl making some moves

2015-04-25 04.55.29 2015-04-25 04.56.07 2015-04-25 04.57.06 2015-04-25 04.57.54 2015-04-25 05.00.04 2015-04-25 05.00.47 2015-04-25 05.02.02


Dress: Khoobsorat (@khoobsorat on Instagram)

Make Up and Gele: Bimpe for May Makeover (@bimpemay on Instagram)

Beads: From Chaurme’s Closet (@chaurme_beauty on Instagram)

Some Products Used:

Guerlain primer

Black Up foundation

Sleek eye shadow

Zaron kajal

Black Up powder

Guerlain bronzing powder

BM Pro creme lipgloss in Monalisa

Avon blush

Black Up Mascara in black

Bolwin Eye brow filler

Guerlain foundation and powder brushes

Lashes, eyeliner, lip liner, contour, contour brush, lip brush, shadow and blending brushes (From the MUA’s Make Up Kit)

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