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ICYMI: The Story Behind What I Wore To LFW (Lagos Fashion Week) 2019

My Lagos Fashionn Week 2019 Look Book!

It’s time to do a recap of what I wore to this year’s LFW. Not only will I be sharing shots, I will also be sharing the story behind each look. Even better, you can watch clips of the looks on my YouTube channel as well as a mini GRWM from Day 3. If you didn’t know, all fabrics were designed by VEBA, a leading textile company based in the Czech Republic with a franchise here in Lagos, Nigeria.

MY LFW Looks and Why

Day 1:

When I had the meeting with the designer, this look was an afterthought. I already selected what was going to be the looks for all 3days until my eye caught a picture of Toke Makinwa. I loved how the top looked. Besides, it seemed easy breezy. Tayo (the tailor) really loved the look as well but we were uncertain that the fabric was going to be enough. Well, he insisted on going with the fabric and said he was going to try to make it work.ankara fashion_sotectonic

A few days after, he brought back the outfit and I was in love. I feared that it was a little too short especially as I had an interview on Legacy TV earlier that day. Then, I remembered this jacket by one of the STailors for a photoshoot. I tried it on and it did fit perfectly.

african prints_sotectonic

Day 2:

Getting this skirt to sit right on me was so difficult. Every time we moved a button, we noticed another button that needed to be readjusted including getting the waist to cinch my waist for the perfect fit.street styles_sotectonic

What I wore, that is, the skirt, was inspired by a look I saw on Pinterest which I saved here on my fashion week board. The design was actually a gown but what I loved more was the cut on the lower part. Besides, I wanted to pair the skirt with a statement top.

Speaking of the statement top, it is a message and a powerful one at that. The word Oma means good. Put differently, my t-shirt says, The future is Good. This means that irrespective of what we may be going through today, the future is destined to be good and better than the present.statement tee_sotectonic

This t-shirt is currently available for pre-order on The SoTectonic Shop.

As for the hat and the sunglasses, I already told the story of how my friend used me as a hanger because she had to go do some work. Read the full story on my Instagram page.

ankara skirt_sotectonic

Day 3:

I was the happiest with what I wore on this day for quite a number of reasons including the fact that the hall for the runway shows was quite chilly. Having this jacket meant that I was going to feel less cold on this day.

As for the inspiration on what I wore, I will say Lade. She shared a post here which I loved. However, since I was already going to wear a skirt in the first 2 days, Tayo suggested we go for a short and I am glad we did.spring twist in B4_sotectonic

Two-piece suits were quite a trend this year on the street style. In case you missed our top trends from LFW street style, click here.

asoebi style_sotectonic

My Hair

spring twist_sotectonic

If one thing was certain, I wanted some color for fashion week. Looking through The SoTectonic Shop, this spring twist in B4 stood out for me. You can shop the look via The Sotectonic Shop in any color of your choice.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this piece. I can’t wait to read which of the looks resonated the most with you. Do share in the comment section.

You can now watch the video I promised by clicking the play button below!



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