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What is the REAL DIFFERENCE between the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy Note8?

When your readers identify you with a particular brand, they tend to come to you for clarity which we appreciate as it propels us to work harder and also be mindful of the brands that we endorse.

Recently, we have some DMs on Instagram asking to know the difference between the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. So, we decided to do this piece to educate all beyond the numbers who requested for this in the past. Hopefully, we are able to help you make a decision.

S Pen

The very popular one that you all know is that the Note series comes with an S pen. This allows you to actually write on your tab using the pen instead of your hands. So, it is pretty much like having a note pad and a pen to scribble with. The pen works only on the notes and this must be because of the technology embedded within the note that allows one to be able to write with the pen.

However, a few of the messages we got showed that you already knew that the S pen was a unique selling point for the Note and wanted to know what more. So here you go….

Screen Size

Samsung Galaxy S8 is smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S8+ which means that the Note 8 is definitely way bigger than the S8. The screen size for the Note 8 is 6.3 inches which is 0.5 more screen size but with the Note 8 design, you certainly don’t have to worry about it fitting into your palms though, it is heavier than the Samsung Galaxy S8.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been expanded to 6GB which is 2GB more than the Samsung Galaxy S8. So, you can fit in more work on the processor of the Note 8 than you would on the S8 and for one who has been using the S8 and can attest to the speed of the device, it just means that the Note 8 must be at the speed of light *smiles*.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is 3300mAh while that of the S8 is 3000mAh. Remember that the comparison is with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and not the S8+ which has 3500mAh. I do a lot on my S8 even more than my laptop. Yet it does last me a while before I start reaching for my power bank and the charger that comes with it makes it so much faster to charge the device from 0 to 100 in about an hour. So, with the Note 8, you get more battery life and I bet the charger will be fast charge like the S8 too.


You all know that I am a sucker for cameras because as a content creator, my work is better enhanced when I have quality pictures and videos to project my content. Hence my love for the S8. Now, I hear that the Note 8 has dual rear camera and 2x optical zoom. Cool right? So I recommend the professional photographers and artists to consider the Note 8 cos it spots an improved camera quality.


We do not know what the retail price will be in Nigeria but from what we do see online, the Note 8 is definitely going to be different from the S8 and the difference will be more expensive than the S8.

For more information about the device, you should follow Samsung Electronics West Africa on Instagram, @samsungmobileng.

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