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What to Wear for the 3rd edition of Luxury Beauty Brunch

The 3rd edition of Luxury Beauty Brunch is happening this weekend. If you missed the details on that, click HERE.

The dress code is a touch of white but at the 2nd edition, it was a touch of yellow but the, there was a competition for the best yellow and the lady that worn was the one that had a really good dose of yellow on her, if you get what we mean. We don’t have an image of her as we would have loved to show it to you for you to understand why we have made the selections below.

Having said that, we went through the collections shown by various designers at the Heineken Lagos Fashiona nd Design Week (LFDW) 2015 and were able to make some random selections of white outfits that we think will make a good fit for the Luxury Beauty Brunch this weekend.

IMG_0460 IMG_1170 IMG_1178 IMG_4054 IMG_6890 IMG_9483- LFDW2015_-1123 LFDW2015_-1298

Photo Credit: Kola Oshalusi

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