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What’s Trending? Fuel Scarcity Hits Lagos

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On my way to work yesterday, there was slight hike in the bus fare particularly on the Island. By the time I got to work, everyone was talking about the scarcity of fuel which has found its way into Lagos from Abuja and other parts of the country who were already experiencing the scarcity days before now.

By the close of business yesterday, I had an almost free ride home but also experienced some intense traffic while heading to the fashion designer’s place in Ogba. The free road has to be because the vehicles are stuck at the fuel stations while the areas with traffic has to be that the vehicles extended the queue to the roads from the fuel stations.
Today, things haven’t gotten any better as the queues seem longer than what I noticed yesterday. On the news today, reports have it that the Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria (MOWAN) have suspended further importation of fuel pending when the Federal Government settles the N264 billion subsidy arrears owed it.
This can only mean that the situation will not be getting any better. What are some of the challenges you have been faced with lately and let’s see how we can help. Also, if you have information on the possible places where people can get the fuel with less queues, kindly drop your information in the comment box, tweet at us, drop a message on our facebook page or on our instagram account. Our handle is SOCIOTECTONIC.
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