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What’s “Wrong” With Natural Hair


With the increasing number of natural hair products entering our market and natural hair-targeted events around the country, it’s clear that what was once seen as a “fad” has become a “way of life”. And yet, so many ladies are scared or hesitant to take the plunge and embrace their natural locks for various reasons, some valid, but most of which are purely unfounded and based on ignorance. Such as:


#1 “Natural Hair is Messy”

Love it or hate it, the typical Nigerian is vocal about their opinions and not afraid to hurt your feelings so don’t feel bad if your natural hair is met with, “Why is your hair like this?”, “Comb you hair now!” or my personal favourite, “You won’t find a husband like this!”.  What a lot of people don’t realise is that natural hair is extremely versatile. There are multiple styles that my natural sisters can rock –from intricate up-dos to braid outs to roller sets and a sleek blowout, all of which, when done properly, can be extremely neat and tidy if a wild afro isn’t your thing. And if you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ll be posting such hairstyles next week!


#2 “Natural Hair is Expensive”

I have to blame product junkies for this one! When you first make the decision to go natural, tutorials, books or blogs may lead you to believe that you need to spend a fortune on products and equipment but I can testify to the fact that all you need is few staples like a good quality shampoo, conditioner, and one or two oils to start. Most naturals find that in the long run being natural is actually cheaper and often saves them money spent on regular salon visits!


#3 “I’ll Have to Cut My Hair”

Ladies, I’m happy to let you know that cutting all your hair off, (also called the Big Chop) is not the only way to go natural, you can decide to let your natural hair grow and trim off your relaxed ends with time. This process is called “transitioning” and many ladies have transitioned for several years before cutting off any of their hair. Whether you big chop or transition, natural-hair textured extensions from companies such as  Nazuri Curls  allow you to have length while you’re growing your natural hair out and experimenting with your new texture.



#4 “My Natural Hair is Too Coarse”

People often complain that their hair is too hard, too coarse, too thick and so on but, if you care for your hair properly, it will be softer and more manageable. Deep condition, moisturise your hair, use the right products, treat your hair with care and be patient! And love your hair –there are people that pay good money to get curlier, thicker, kinkier hair!



Ladies, we have to learn to embrace what is truly ours. Nothing that grows out of your own body is “wrong” or “not for you”. So if you’ve been toying with the idea of going natural I dare you to be brave and take the plunge! I promise you won’t regret it:)

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This content is provided by Ifeyinwa Ojekwe for  Nazuri Curls . Nazuri Curls was launched in 2013 with one vision to bring beautifully-textured premium quality, virgin human hair extensions, clip-ins and wigs to ladies who want to embrace their hair texture whether that’s natural, transitioning or relaxed. Our hair extensions are made from the finest quality premium virgin hair that has been steam processed to achieve curls that blend seamlessly with Afro and curly textured hair. We are a UK based company but we ship internationally and also have an official distributorship in Nigeria. Please visit  for more details.


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