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EMAC || The Workout Before The Walk for Cervical Cancer

As the month of October comes to an end, I thought to take our minds back to the walk for cervical cancer powered by EMAC (Exquisite Magazine Annual Cancer).

The EMAC walk started with registration and then a work out session which I covered here. It was a short but almost intense work out session. Just the right warm up dose for the road. After the actual walk which kicked off and ended at Muri Okunola Park, we had the smearathon. Smearathon is an all day screening of interested women for cervical cancer. I got smeared and also had a breast examination.

What is the essence of EMAC?

EMAC is not just another show event or a PR stunt. It is an actual show of concern by the founder of Exquisite Magazine to create awareness for cervical cancer. It is a disease that is taking lives and statistically, 64%  of Nigerian women diagnoses of cervical cancer die each year. Like other types of cancer, it can be nipped if discovered on time and treatment kicks off immediately.

What you need to know about cervical cancer screening?

It takes a little less than 5minutes and quite pain free. It may seem a little intruding but it was a lady that conducted the screening. That made me more comfortable. She just asked me to take off my panties, covered me up with a sheet and then stuck some thing in. A few seconds later, she had the tester out of my vagina and my test result was ready.

Can every woman do the cervical cancer screening?

From my research, it is not ideal for pregnant women and, if you are not sexually active, maybe you do not need to worry about the screening.

What is cervical cancer?

Maybe this should have been the first thing I addressed. Cervical cancer is cancer of the cervix. To get more information about cervical cancer, visit this link.

To watch the clip of the workout session, click this link or the play button below. It was so much fun. Enjoy!

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