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Meditol Soap and Partners are Set to Commemorate World Malaria Day

World Malaria Day is internationally observed on the 25th of April every year. It recognizes global efforts to control malaria.

With over  219 million cases of malaria in 2017, Sub- Saharan Africa has the highest share of the global malaria burden with  Mosquitoes as the  root cause of the disease.

This year,  World Malaria Day focuses on the theme ‘Zero Malaria Starts with Me’.  Meditol, alongside Osas of Joyful Joy foundation, will participate in a 3KM road walk. This event will take place on the 27th of April, 2019. The walk which start from the National Stadium Surulere to National Theatre, will involve all and sundry. There will be doctors and medical representatives, informing participants on the role that mosquito plays in the spread of the disease. They will also be educating participants how to prevent and cure malaria as the ultimate goal is to reduce the death rates caused by malaria. Hence, the celebration of World Malaria Day.

There is also the element of sensitization. Motorists and Pedestrians will be sensitized on the importance of accessing available interventions and free malaria test in their local communities.

Evans Industries Limited, manufacturer of Meditol Antiseptic Soap and the sponsors of this World Malaria Day walk, urges all to join in this awareness program. Participants should look forward to championing the cause, free malaria tests, free refreshments, T-shirts and caps, complimentary Meditol soaps and lokmal antimalaria drugs.

This programme is proudly supported by Emzor Pharmaceutical Limited.

how malaria spreads to humans

To join the fight against Malaria , Sign up here:

World Malaria Day

About Meditol

Meditol is a medicated and antiseptic soap. The range has 6 variants, each with unique ingredients that prevent and cure common skin problems. Its Antibacterial and Anti mosquito range is a combination of bacteria fighting ingredients with mosquito repellent fragrances. Introduced to reduce the rate of malaria in Nigeria, it contains citronella, eucalyptus and lemon grass oil. World Malaria Day is a global event which recognises efforts to end malaria. Hence, it will serve as an opportunity to introduce the brand around that time.


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