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Ready To Beat Malaria

As I sat on my desk today to start the business of the day, I realized that it was World Malaria Day and guess what? I am down with malaria. I hate pills. So, every time I tried to start my medication, I managed to find a way to forget and when I eventually did start, I couldn’t stick to the prescription. Hence, I decided to start the dosage all over again but this time determined to stick to the prescription so that I can be strong enough for the days ahead.

As regular as it may seem, malaria is one of the leading causes of death in Africa with 91% of malaria cases and 91% of death cases because of malaria. Therefore, the World Health Organisation has chosen to renew its focus in Africa through insecticide treated nets, medicines and other critical lifesaving tools. However, there is a vaccine known to protect against malaria and the WHO has said that it plans to send this out to Malawi, Kenya and Ghana.

On our end, we need to take steps to prevent the disease by;

  • Cleaning the drainage
  • Keeping the environment clean
  • Ensuring that the house nets are in tact
  • The use of mosquito nets where possible. I say where possible cos I cannot sleep with mosquito nets. I feel like though I am being choked.
  • Use of insecticide or regular fumigation exercise

Beyond you, try to also look out for your neighbors especially those who may not be able to afford some of these items like the nets or insecticides. Together, we can end malaria or at least, reduce its attack on our health to the barest minimum.

Oma Ehiri

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