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Zaron Cosmetics lippies for the Fall and Harmattan Season

It will interest you to know that Zaron Cosmetics new collection of lipsticks and lipstains which are Matte in nature can pass for the fall and harmattan. We already brought you a review of that which you can read HERE.

In that review, we did tell you that the Zaron Cosmetics Matte listicks and lipstains are not like the regular matte lippies that you know. They glide on well and for some reason don’t make our lips sore. However, we do advise that you scrub and moisturize your lips before you get any of the choices you make on your lips.

Our beauty columnist gave us a list of lipsticks for the fall and the harmattan season. If you missed that, read HERE. But we left out these 4 which are from the new collection of Zaron Cosmetics and they are;


This is the dark blue shade. People tend to ask if it is blue or black when applied which makes it a perfect conversation starter. Dark lips are right for the season and we certainly love this.

Ebony2015-10-06 11.32.53
This is the brown shade and it could pass for the Black Cherry by Revlon which Felicita spoke about.

Royale2015-09-22 20.08.34

This is a dark purple shade that can look wine. This makes sure that while you may not be able to use the bright purple and pink this season, you sure don’t have to do away with a color you love, purple.


Red never goes out of season but the shade of red matters and we recommend on the Paparazzi shade. We love it even more created as an ombre lips with Denim as seen above.

All Zaron lipsticks go for N2,500 and the lipstains go for N2750. We just discovered that AyaOba has this in stock and you can purchase it online and have it delivered to you anywhere in the world.

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