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Zaron Face Palette

Today’s beauty find is something that every professional MUA should own in their makeup kit. It is the Zaron Face Palette.


Zaron’s face palette is a powder palette made up of 7 cream to powder foundation and 9 pressed powder, all in different colours.


I barely use this product but the one time I used the cream to powder foundation, I decided that I will rather just use for highlighting and contour as opposed to using all over my face. This is because I prefer liquid foundation and do not exactly like the creamy feel. If you are one who does, then you wouldn’t mind at all. The powder, however, gives me good coverage and has a matte finish.


In the hands of a regular girl, the face palette may not be as useful as it would be in the hands of a professional MUA. Hence, I will advise that you shop the liquid foundation and mattifying powder if you are trying to shop for your own products bt as a makeup artist, this is very ideal. A worthy investment for your clients. Oma Ehiri

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