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Zaron liquid concealers, brow pencil, lengthening mascara and lip-stains- Swatch & Review

Few weeks ago, I revealed the new product additions by Zaron which I got in the mail. Since then, I have not only done a few swatches but equally made some of them a part of my makeup routine. In this post, I will be sharing my detailed thoughts on each product.

Lengthening Mascaralengthening mascara

I haven’t mastered the art of fixing lashes myself which makes good mascaras one of my go to makeup items. For some time now, I have been stuck to the Volumizing mascara by Zaron which does what it says- adds volume to lashes making it look full. With the lengthening mascara, it separates my lashes and makes it appear longer. It works best for my lower lashes but sometimes, I do use the volumizing mascara to achieve that fullness and then go in with the lengthening mascara to separate each lash and give it that extra length.

Retail Price: N2350

Nude Lipstainsnude lipstain

Zaron lipstains are not new to us as we have explored a few here. However, this nude collection is a new addition to the Zaron lipstain collection. The nudes come in 4 variants but I got 3- lipp’d, whipp’d and butterscotch. Personally, I am not a fan of whipp’d and butterscotch cos I feel like it doesn’t flatter my skin tone. It should look better on someone with a much fairer complexion. However, if you are one who knows how to play with colors, then you could find a way to mix this with another lip color or lip pencil and make it work for you. Regardless, the lip-stain is one matte collection that I love- never dries out the lips and yet stays matte.

Price: N3340

Liquid Concealersliquid concealer

This is indeed a welcome addition to the Zaron collection and it comes in light, medium and deep. The light and deep seemed a little too much for me. So, I stuck to the deep which seemed perfect for cleaning out my brows and the corners of my lips. The great thing about the product is, when you do apply, it does not dry out so fast which allows for you enough blending time and it does blend well into the skin. Maybe because it has a creamy texture.swatchswatch

I also like the application wand because it helps me to control what I take on and that way, I do not have to waste the product. What this means is, it will take me quite sometime before I need a replacement. I can also use the wand directly under my brow after applying my brow pencil before I go in with my blending brush. Hence, my conclusion that the wand is multipurpose. However, I will advise that for more precision, use an angled brush.liquid concealer

For the under eye, it is a winner because I have had troubles highlighting that for fear of creases which happens with my previous concealer especially as I am not exactly a pro at this. With the Zaron liquid concealer, a girl can highlight her under eye and not fear that she will be getting some white creases from the product afterwards.

I know that some girls have cried out for darker shades of the product and Zaron has responded saying that they will be releasing darker shades soon. I am also hoping that happens soon for the benefit of my friends with a darker skin tone so that they can also get to enjoy this product. It is also a win win for the brand as they also get some more money in the bank.

Price: N1550

Brow Pencilbrow pencil

The most attractive thing about the Zaron brow pencil is that, it is matte. If you live in countries with humid temperature, then you will begin to appreciate this brow pencil. Also, it has a very natural shade. As you go in, it doesn’t leave your brows feeling like they were replaced but rather, it just gives it that ‘fill in’ finish which is the goal when it comes to drawing your brows. In comparison with my previous brow pencil, it doesn’t keep breaking when you sharpen such that the pencil finishes almost immediately which makes it a worthy investment in your makeup kit.

Price: N1150

Now that you have all the tea on these new products, please let me know your experience with any of the products. I bet the brand will love to read your feedback.

Images were shot with Samsung Galaxy S8

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