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Zaron Volumizing Mascara

One makeup application that I still struggle with is the application of mascara. I just fear that trying to get the lashes to stay myself, the glue or something from the faux lashes could get into my eyes and no one wants to tell the story of makeup gone wrong. Hence, the love for a good bottle of mascara and in this case, it is the ZaronVolumizing mascara.


Zaron volumizing mascara comes in a black bottle with the inscription Zaron volumizing mascara. The wand is in a circle form but a closer look, one can tell that it is curved in the middle.Zaron volumizing mascara


It helps my lashes to pop in less than 2 minutes and gives my face a lift upon application. It combs the lashes in such a way that they look like you added something extra. It lasts long even when water touches your lashes. Of all my makeup, it is the only one I still feel som eresidues after using my makeup removal wipes twice. I sincerely love this mascara and I am hoping that they can make it available in many other colors starting with blue.


I need not say so much. Stay tuned to our Instagram page for a video on the application of this mascara. After watching, you can decide for yourself. If your thoughts ponder on whether it is a good buy or not, my answer is, ‘it is a good buy’.

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