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30Days Beauty Challenge: Skincare Regime

Skincare regime is the basis of beauty. It is the first step and way more important than taking care of your weaves ladies, and for the guys, far more important than giving your Lamboghini a bath. You get our drift?

Our beauty columnist, Felicita Ovadje has done a fine job on skin care regime. You can check that out HERE. Oma also did a piece a few months back, introducing you to her skin care regime. You may also wish to check that HERE. And we must add that having a skin care regime has helped Oma get rid of acne on her face while minimising the scars that also come with that.

Now, what do our beauty professionals have to say;

Oyinda: IMG_5762

scroI have no skincare regimen as I do not use any special facial creams or wash, I would just advice drinking a lot of water, never sleep with makeup on, always wash your face with cold water and prime your skin before applying makeup. [hr gap=”1″]

Tosin:Tosin Kayode of Ts. Touch

A good diet and nutrition (vegetables,lots of water and less fatty and oily foods to reduce the oiliness of the skin) good hygiene (regular bathe and facial scrub morning and night) a good cream,weirdly I barely cream but when I do, I use Cocoa butter.[hr gap=”1″]

What is your skincare regime?

Featured image via Inked.Lip

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