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5 Things To do If You Are Alone On Valentine’s Day

Here are 5 things you can do if you will be alone on Valentine’s day- from going to the beach, to working out at the gym and even staying home.

I started out writing this piece for single people but then I realized, one may not necessarily be single but away from their significant other this period. Therefore, whether you are single or in a long-distance relationship or situationship, these activities will help you enjoy if you are alone on Valentine’s day.

Go to the beach

There is a sense of peace and serenity associated with the waterside. These days, visiting the beach and lounging on one of the beach beds is only a minute part of what can be done at a beach. Beach owners have taken steps to ensure that they include activities that will help you further enjoy the beach including food and drink vendors who are on standby to help satisfy your appetite.

Visit a library

This is an opportunity to take a break from your phone. Look for a library in your neighbourhood, visit and spend a few hours going there. It is an opportunity for you to discover writings which you may ordinarily never come across online because no one has shared them on your timeline.

Dine Out

With restaurants popping up every now and again, this season is a perfect time to go explore, especially if you are one that is adventurous with food. Best part is, most of the restaurants are likely to have Valentine packages that are discounted. Where in doubt, ask the waiter.

Go to the gym

In this time of remote and hybrid working, your body is probably in need of some physical activity. Why not take advantage of this season to visit a gym. This may be the beginning of your fitness journey. Also, love and friendships could be waiting for you there.

Cosy up at home

Home is the most convenient place to be. You can do everything and anything you want to do in your safe space without being interrupted. All you need is a power supply and access to the internet. That way, you can explore a number of activities including giving yourself a long warm bath, cooking a meal that you love, watching one of the many movies that Netflix and DSTV have to offer and taking a really long nap.

Whatever you choose to do, remember that self-love is a thing!

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