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6 Fitness Resolutions To Make This Year

If we learnt anything from our fitness corner last year, it is the fact that, the best time to have a banging summer body is at the beginning of the year. That way, you take it in small doses and by the time the summer arrives, all you need to so is shop that sexy bikini and pull out all those shorts and light clothings you have been wishing to rock all since the 1st of January 2017. In that light, here are 6 fitness resolutions you need to be making in order to have the perfect summer body. be as fit as the word FIT and enjoy a healthy lifestye;

Have a Healthy breakfast

We all tend to skip breakfast but what we have learnt over the years is, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You need to get that metabolism up at the start of each day except ofcourse you are engaged in a spiritual exercise that demands for you to keep a fast.

Snack on fruits

Looking for something to have in between meals? Fill your snack box and refrigerator with fruits that you can nibble on. It could be an apple, diced pineapples, carrots, oranges, water melon, pears and more which you can find at the fruit market.

Avoid late night meals

The easiest way to get your tummy flat is to avoid all those late night meals. If you decide to stop having any food after 7pm, you should lose some inches off that waist line.

Develop a work out routine

We learnt from the interview that Oma had with Felicia Leatherwood, that when you have a routine, you achieve better results. Resolve t have a workout routine like the abs challenge which we have going on this month. It doesn’t mind the time of the day, just make sure that you get it done.

Substitute your soda for smoothies and detox drinks

This is a big deal when all that you see in the restaurant or even at work is lots of soda. Mke your own detoc drinks and flavoured water at home. That way, you do not have to get tempted to sip on some soda when you can just sip on your drink.

Drink lots of water

This is a life time magic. Water cleanses the system and helps a lot in achieving all your fitness goals. Thus, do not substitute this for any other thing in the refrigerator or elsewhere. Make it your best buddy and ensure that you are consuming teh right amount each day.

What area of your body will you rather work on before summer calls?

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