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6 Tips To Help Young Nigerians Start Their Investment Journey

According to statistics, Gen Z, the demographic group succeeding Millennials, is the most prevalent in Nigeria. One in every four Nigerian belongs to the Gen Z group and they tend to be more financially sophisticated than previous generations were at their age. This might be as a result of growing in a recession and watching the financial mistakes made by previous generations. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has even made Gen-Zers more self aware with money.

Gen Z adults are the most aware about financial literacy. This is evident as seen in their adoption of technology in becoming savvy-savers, their acceptance of digital banking and knowledge of investment platforms like NFTs, Cryptocurrencies and Stocks. Still, most of them who are not investing say it’s because they do not know where to start.

Here are 5 tips that can help young Nigerians start their investment journey with ease.


You can start your investment journey by being deliberate and prioritising a fraction of your income. Most investment professionals advocate that 20% of your income should be put aside as investment. As you build up an investment culture, you can then increase the percentage of your income for investment, without any pressure.

You can also automate your investment in line with when you typically receive income such as your pay day. As you allocate some money for expenses, you need to also prioritize investing. And while people tend to associate investing with large sums, the SFS Fund Mobile App which is a AA rated fund and licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission, debunks that myth as it allows for individuals to begin their investment journeys with as little as N5,000.


Investing in mutual fund presents an easy way to start your investment journey because it is convenient, with built-in diversification that makes investment less volatile and it is managed by experienced fund managers. With Mutual funds, investors get to pool their money, investing in securities such as stocks, treasury bills and money market instruments. Interests made are added to your investment daily allowing you to have a steady stream of income.

The SFS Fund is an open-ended collective investment scheme duly registered by the the Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria (“SEC”). It is a AA rated carefully designed financial planning product that is fit for those who are just starting out when it comes to investing in Mutual Fund.


Nigerians have been hit hard by a lot of fraudulent investment schemes. This has made people very weary of investing. It is important that if you want to start your investment journey, you need to engage in personal research. There are different things to look out for when choosing an investment scheme. The company’s financials, its leadership team, competition and its relationship with regulatory bodies are crucial information needed before deciding whether to invest.

For instance, the SFS Fund under multiple award winning SFS Capital, is managed by investment professionals with over two decades experience of managing investment portfolios. All investments with the SFS Capital are also held by an independent and highly regulated custodian and all investment decisions are reviewed by an independent trustee.


It is good to also ask for the independent ratings, SEC approved rating agency and possibly the rating report. Though ratings follow a slightly different format, they are mostly in 7 levels; CC, CCC, BB, BBB, A, AA, AAA- ranging from most risky to least risky. We strongly recommend you avoid investments without independent rating or with a rating less than BBB. Therefore, consider only BBB, A, AA AND AAA. SFS Fund has a AA rating, the second highest possible rating.


You will be amazed to know that young people get more information about investing from social media. Choosing the right investment app online with reviews from social media might be tricky without the right guidance and it could hinder young people who are just starting their investment journey. Picking the right investment app can help with building a lifetime of strong wealthy base that secures the future.

An example of a secure and on the go investment app is the SFS Fund Mobile App which is available for download on Android and iOS devices for free. Upon downloading the app, you can start your Mutual Fund investment journey on an easy-to-use dashboard that encourages transactions on the go with seamless and interactive features.


Investing in the long term is greater for achieving larger success. Starting an investment at an early age is advantageous because it creates a healthy appetite for risk. Young people have a chance to build more vigorous portfolios that can be more erratic, thereby producing more gains over time. Young also have the flexibility and time to study and learn about their wins and losses in investing when they start their investment journey early.

With these five tips for investing, young people can be on their way to securing a future they truly envision. Young people also need to understand that while patient investing may be difficult, it is imperative that they endure over long periods of underperformance. They need to stick to their investment plan in order to achieve their investment goals.

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