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7 Motivating Quotes by Betty Irabor

Media entrepreneur and Editor in Chief of Genevieve Magazine, Betty Irabor, clocked 60 on the 25th of March 2017. Aunty Betty as she is called by many in the industry, has built a name and an empire for herself. It is for this reason that many younger ones, especially women admire he and aspire to attain the heights which she has attained.Few days after she clocked 60, she shares a number of motivating quotes that will help us through our journey in life.

‘Make no apologies for who you are. Adorn your life with roses… fragrances and yes, you can stay fab at any age as long as you don’t outsource your happiness… defy all ageing sterotypes…wear your heels, swirl and strike a pose. Work that body!’

‘No struggle or journey in life is a piece of cake… but the icing on the cake is when our tests become testimonies’

‘Life happens but don’t give up and don’t give in… FIGHT!’

‘Stand tall… be graceful. Do no one no harm and if you do, make it up to them’.

‘There will be days when you feel, “why me o” but they will come and go and you will be bck on your feet..’

‘Don’t cover your pain with makeup… Looking good is an inside ob.. Work your beauty from inside out. Exhale, inhale and leave trash for LAWMA’.

‘Be a leader with a heart… Don’t take all the credit for what it took a team to build. Encourage your team to have bigger goals and appreciate everyone’s contribution’.


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