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About The Summer

The title of this post reminds me so much of my days in Primary School when we were asked to share how we spend our holidays. Though in this case, I can’t exactly say it was a holiday because I was actually busy with other responsibilities.

Last month was quite a moment for me friends. I cannot begin to really explain how overwhelming life has been this summer. Yeah, I know that we do not actually experience summer in Nigeria but that is only as a season. For us, summer is really in the mind because we do observe the season, plan vacations during that moment and the most relaxing activities take place in that moment even when it pours.

Well, I did quit my job with the Talent Management Company that I was with after 2 years. It was quite an interesting moment for me being a Talent Manager and given the opportunity again with the right terms and conditions, I will definitely do it over and over again.

That aside, I had an August visitor. Yessso! It was an actual August visitor who came in the month of August and was actually here for the first time after being away for over 2 years. With this August visitor in town, I had to take care of some personal businesses. One of which was taking the first step to something big. If you remember last summer, I had a moment and then made the announcement in December. This summer, I have had another moment and it will all unfold again this December. So, stay glued to my personal Instagram page.

I also had a wedding that was really close to home. My people, Nigerian weddings are no joke o. The money, time and resources that go into these things ehn. People are really trying o! The expenditure is no small thing and the funny part of it all is that, having a small inexpensive wedding for a couple of us is actually luxury but one thing that I can tell you is, irrespective of your budget, there is a vendor for you. I actually do believe that you can have fun on your big day with your loved ones debt free but that is gist for another day.

In all of this, the only down time that I had and still experiencing is the allergy that has been quite troubling. If you watched the last video that we published before the break, you must have heard my really froggy voice. It is a lot better now but the irritation is still there. I am having to chew bitterkola, sip on warm water or hot tea with honey, take strepsils, all to soothe the irritation. Hopefully, it gets all clear in time for me to shoot subsequent videos for you.

So, you see, I had an eventful summer. Though there were a few other moments but this was pretty much the most important milestones that took place. Summer is still very much on for many but for me, Summer is over. I am back to work full time and so is everyone on the team. It is time to bring you contents that are refreshing and I do hope that you stick around long enough for it to unfold.

I am curious to know how your summer has been thus far. Do share with me and let’s keep the conversation going in the comment section!

With love,

Oma Ehiri

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