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Adenike’s Gratitude Jar Challenge

In 2016, we declared the year our year of gratitude. If you missed that post, click HERE. This year, one of Nigeria’s finest OAP, Adenike Oyetunde, has started a Gratitude jar challenge. This for us goes a long way in reminding us that gratitude isn’t just a yearly affair but rather a daily affair.

From her post on Instagram, Adenike started the Gratitude jar in 2016. For every day in 2016, she wrote something down that she was grateful for and stored it in this jar. Now, this is a conscious way of being grateful to God for the seemingly little things that he does in our lives. Seemingly little because what you may overlook is the prayer of another and when you show gratitude to God for the things that he has done in your life, he just elevates you.

To join the challenge:

  • Get a jar
  • Get some sticky notes
  • Write daily and fill your Gratitude jar.

In order to hold one another accountable, Adenike has started an Instagram page for the challenge. You can also post a picture of the jar that you got and labelled, tag @adenikeoyetunde and @gratitudejarchallenge. Use the hashtag #AdenikeGratitudejarchallenge2017. At the end of the week, feel free to also make a video of the one thing that you are grateful for.

Gratitude is everything. Last year, Samsung, an international brand, rewarded people for simply being grateful about something. Oma was a part of the influencers that was chosen to pick someone that understood the power of gratitude. If Samsung could, imagine what your heavenly father would do for you this season.

We look forward to celebrating your testimonies and blessings with you in 2017. Thank you Adenike for reminding us that Gratitude is an Attitude!

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