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Ankara shirt Dress

We are back this week with a style post from my closet and it is an ankara shirt dress made from Veba fabric. ankara styles

I fell in love with the idea of making a shirt dress with prints after the GT Bank Fashion Weekend. Tayo Couture had tailored a collared dress  which I wore on the 3rd day and as soon as I had that dress on me, I knew that we needed to make some more of that. However, there is no need replicating a design you already have in your closet. Hence the search for another design when I stumbled on this shirt dress on reality TV star, Masika Kalysha.

Picking the right fabric to bring this to life was of utmost importance and Tayo Coture (@tayocoture) did a great job bringing this design to life. Well tailored, great cut and the finishing is nothing short of amazing. ankara style

Being a shirt dress, I decided to wear a short underneath since I was going for an event where I was likely to deal with the wind. So, I opted for an old short made from a similar fabric design but in a different colour. veba

The fro is back but not sure for how long. fro

Details on where you can shop something similar will be below and the shoe is certainly no stranger to this page. It is my all time favourite sandals which hasjust clocked a year with the GT Bank Fashion weekend.

Outfit Details
Fabric: Veba (@vebafashion)- Shop HERE
Hair: St Hair & Beauty (@sthairandbeauty)
Shoes: Ethnik by Owolabi

Let me know what you think of my look below!

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