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At last, Falz, the only rapper that we know that has been called to the bar, is set to release his album tagged, Wazup guy. I am eager to get my hands on the album and so should you. Let us all show support to this our Barrister rapper. To do so, use the poster and put it up on all the social media. Here on sociotectonic, in the spirit of workers’ Day, though I am at work (the life of a journalist), we are doing a competition on instagram.
You can be one of the lucky readers to win a copy of the album. Follow @oma26 on instagram and get the details…..
Also, watch his documentary on back to the alma mater. I wonder why it took me this long  to see it. It is a good watch.
Enjoy and success in the competition!
Tomorrow is the post on the Role Model of The Month. Don’t forget to check in!
Happy Workers Day!

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