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Defining your style

Style is freedom- the freedom to adorn your body with whatever makes you happy. From the hair to the makeup, the clothes, shoes, accessories and handbags. It is really in no ones place to make you look differently from what you want to be portrayed as. Yes, the personal stylist are there to assist you in defining your style but cannot make you portray an identity that you do not desire.

I love to be simple even with my makeup and only on very rare occasions do I allow the MUA to go overboard but even at that, I have never lost my style. I still step out keeping it simple and it has always played out in my favor. I still need to tweak a few of my style sense actually and trust me, I am in that learning mode right about now.

This month, we are all about helping you to carve a niche for yourself by encouraging you to find your voice in style. Helping you to know what it is you really like and what it is that works best for you. We have a few interviews scheduled for the month, style tips from how to select your lip colors to getting the right contour for your face and the colours that most flattens your skin tone. We will also be giving you tips on how to clean your bags, the right detergent to stop the quick fading of your clothes and so much more.

This month is also an interactive one and we appeal that you stay engaged on the platform. We have our loyalty cards coming up soon and only active members of our online community get access to those cards. The loyalty card is used at the end of the year for the big giveaway which we host annually and started last year. Roseline Eyenike won the goodies last year but this will be bigger and many winners are bound to arise.

Still on the interaction, we are starting the ‘30Days Beauty Challenge’ today and we have 2 MUAs to anchor the session each day. They will let you know what they like and what works best for them while expecting you to contribute on the blog or across social media. You can also ask them questions after each published challenge and they will be available to give you the responses you need.

Oyindamola Akinyera is the brain behind Honey’s touch- a makeup brand that offers people different makeup techniques. She says, “I started doing makeup officially about a year ago and  started my own makeup brand called HoneysTouch where I offer people different types of makeup styles and themes including makeup lessons. The styles and themes range from bridal to editorial as well as several everyday looks. That’s it basically, I love makeup and I’m super excited for the 30 days beauty challenge and I can’t wait to share my knowledge and skills with you all.”

Oluwatosin Kayode is also a MUA and founder of Ts. Touch. She says, “I am a professional Singer,songwriter ,an agricultural extension and management student turn ProMakeup artist . I’m an extrovert with a big heart and an active mind. I love music,arts,dancing,chilling with friends.. Basically every fun thing……  I believe there’s beauty in everything ,but most times the beauty is hidden,and my job is to simply bring the beauty out”.

Yesterday kicked off right with the announcing of the new MAJU collection, LA Sorella, and we will be shopping a few items from the new collection plus details on their big event to come on SoTectonic. There are other style gigs that we hope to get onboard but first, we are off to a 4days training at the Lagos Business School on a health training.

September is all about sharing and knowing who you are and what works for you, stylewise!

Editorially yours,
Oma Ehiri

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