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How I Use My Mist

For the purpose of this article, I will focus on face mists. Though I also use the mist for my neck a few times.

I discovered this beauty product in 2018. I had some reactions caused by hard water in France. The resident dermatologists at the pharmacy recommended a mist to help soothe my skin. Ever since then, I included it as a part of my beauty regime.

How I Use My Mists:

  1. As a toner:Initially, I only sprayed the mist on my face and neck and allowed to dry naturally before applying my face treatments. Then, I started to use it as a toner in the absence of rose water.I spray on my face straight out of the shower and then work it into my skin using a cotton pad.
  2. After using a primer: I use Can’t Stop Won’t StopMatte  As much as I love it, it never gets my skin feeling dry a few times. Just before I go in with my foundation, I spray some of the face mists to hydrate the skin and get it ready for the next makeup products.
  3. As a finishing spray: On my first attempt, I felt the makeup move but then, I decided to try it again and again. Since then, it works. My makeup stays in place and my skin feels hydrated. I use a lot of matte makeup products because my skin can get oily and my events tend to last over 9hours. So, whilst the makeup products may have me feeling matte and dry, my mists balances it all up.
  4. As a mask mixer: Before now, the good old water will do the magic. Then, I started using mists. The mists definitely feels like I am adding something extra that is good for my skin. So, I stick to using the masks to mix all my face masks.
  5. As a refresher: If I do feel like my skin needs some water, I spray some on my face and neck. This happens when I do not have my wipes or when I have makeup on.

The Chaurme Hydrating Mist

I started using this in February and so far, it does everything I have mentioned above. It feels good to know there is a Nigerian brand that can cater to this. It contains cucumber hydrosol and rose hydrosol. You can get the 100ml for N2450 from Chaurme Beauty.

Did you know about face mists before now? Let me know in the comment section how much you knew and what you use them for. I will love to read from you!

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