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An Ode To Twenty Six

In the last moments, I almost had water run down my eyes as I reflected on you, Twenty Six. I had such an amazing relationship with you and as the clock ticked to usher in the next, I really wanted to savor every moment of your presence. I wanted to end you with a bang and I think I did. Though ordinary it may seem but I had peace and lived in the consciousness of your existence.Oma Ehiri

I know I have never done this with any other number which may make many wonder what is so special about you. Could it be that I haven’t had special moments in other numbers? Of course, I have but Twenty Six, you were a little too much. Oma Ehiri

For starters, this was the first and only time that I get to clock my age on my date. It will never happen again no matter how hard I wish. For that reason, you were significant. Even as you have gone, I have come to the realization that you were a number that was always a part of me and you will continue to somewhat lurk around, embedded in my date. Oma Ehiri

Like I mentioned a few hours ago on Instagram, we shared quite a number of moments that will linger for so long in my memory. In you, a lot has gone down. Whether good or bad, these moments have shaped the future. There are some events that will happen in the future that will have no choice but to make reference to you. For instance, how do I speak of getting married to the love of my life and not mention that you brought the ring. Oma Ehiri

Speaking of the ring, oh my! It was magical. You know we never got to speak of that moment in details but I will, just not with you. And when I speak of the ring, I will remember it happened while I was touring Europe- a tour that has caused many to tag me a globe trotter. Some have nick named me Ajala and some are never sure if I am in the country or not because before that was the States where I attended the New York Bridal Fashion Week and after that was South Africa on Ascend Talent Management duties.  Oma Ehiri

In you I started a new line of business. Oh dear! It was a very challenging. It wasn’t supposed to be so but ego and pettiness got in the way and it came crashing. Thank God for grace and wisdom, I shook off the spirit of ‘give up’ and we forged on. Today, we have picked up and while it will get better in the new number, it all began with you. Oma Ehiri

My career took a great leap in you as I formed better partnerships with brands that I love. There was the Best Moments campaign by Samsung and then all year consulting with Veba. I did a few more projects with Black up, Shea Moisture, Guerlain, Nectar Beauty Hub, Apples and Oranges, The Lingerie Lust, Chaurme Beauty, World Pr Beauty Week and the list of my clientele continued to increase. It was also in you that I fully blossomed in my career as a Talent manager when I became the country manager for Ascend Talent Management, a position that comes with a lot of responsibilities which Twenty Seven has to achieve. Oma Ehiri

Good times outlived every bad moment that I had in you and the bad times were simply lessons to make me stronger, launching me into greatness. Thank you Twenty Six and for every seed that you sowed, it will be nurtured and shall continue to blossom. I will miss you but the present is always better. I have never had a last number which is why I am full of joy knowing that for you to have been so amazing, this number is going to be EXPLOSIVE! Adieu Twenty Six!Oma Ehiri

Photography by Omide Photography (@omidephotography)
Styling by Favor Olugu (@favolugu)
Hair Extension by ST Hair & Beauty (@sthairandbeauty))

Oma Ehiri

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