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The 1 fruit challenge is aimed at encouraging our followers, readers and subscribers to live a healthy lifestyle by inculcating fruits into their diet.

While we are expected to have about 8 fruit servings daily, many of us are not even cut out to have a slice of any fruit. Thus, we are encouraged to have at least one fruit each day.

By taking the fruits, you get rewarded on our platform with 100 points which accrues to 3100 points at the end of July. One lucky winner is picked and given a reward worth that amount or even more as we are currently working on some sponsors even outside of what we have for you.

The good thing about this challenge is that, irrespective of your location in Nigeria, you stand a chance to win. For our readers who are not resident in Nigeria, we will work towards something special for you real soon after we collate the locations of our readers.

To Enter:
• Post a picture of you and your fruit using the hashtag #SoTectonic1fruit
• Tag us in it and just encourage your friends to join the challenge.

For every day you post, you get a 100points. Please note that whether your friends enter the challenge or not, it doesn’t affect your points but each day you post, you are encouraged to tag at least 3 of your friends to enter the challenge.

So, what are you waiting for? Start buying your fruits, start munching and start posting. Videos are equally allowed in expressing your creativity in the #SoTectonic1fruit challenge. Challenge is open on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Live Fruit Healthy!


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