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Take The Leap!!!!!!

Weeks back, a friend reached out to me about starting a business in Nigeria. When she first came to me, she sounded as though she just had some money to invest in a business but had absolutely no clue what she should be investing in. A little push from me on what she is passionate about or interested in (because that is key when running a successful business), she was spilling more details. What I found out was, she wasn’t clueless but afraid to take the leap. She had done her research and even knew when she would like to launch but she was just not sure if to take that leap.Oma Ehiri

Like my friend, I have been in that space and probably still in that space with certain issues. There are situations that I need to address and rise above but I am too afraid of what could happen if I just take the leap. Will I fall and if I do, who would be there to catch me? If no one, how badly will I be hurt and how long will it take to recover.

For some, it is the fear of being alone or being broke. For others, it is more about what the society will say when you take the leap. How they will perceive you and receive this leap that you have decided to take. What we fail to realise is, you will keep living in your imagination until you take the leap and then come to terms with reality. Oma Ehiri

I was at the Handle It Africa conference yesterday and Omojuwa quoted a man who said if you are 30 and wish to go to the university to get a degree but you worry that by the time you graduate, you will be 34 or 35. The man was quoted to say, whether you go for the course or not, you will be 35. So, why not take the course? These words were very profound and today as I pen down this post, it comes to mind again. The need to take the leap.

It really is about faith and refusing to let anything pull you down. Like my friend did, you need to confide in someone that can truly motivate you and give you the facts of your decision. Think it through, pray about it and if God is in it, take the leap. You will face challenges and some really mighty and huge rocks but you need to be ready to take it head on. Taking that leap is the only way that you can rise above fear and I really want to see my readers and followers fulfilling destiny as they rise. I am more than happy to speak with anyone who needs advise and where I cannot give enough, I will recommend someone that I believe can do a better job.Oma Ehiri

Having said that, it is a new month and we are ready to switch things in the house. Starting today, we will take track of every comment that we get on the website. At the end of the month, we will reward the most engaging person. We get tonnes of views on our posts and we receive your mails but we will like for you to leave comments so that others can learn from you and we can be more interactive on the page. We have so many articles that will engage you this month- articles that are inspiring and take you places. Speaking of places, we are all hyped about our trip to Ghana for the Czech Days in Ghana. For more details, please click HERE. If you have recommendations on places that we should visit, feel free to let us know.

On that note, cheers to a new month, prank wisely so that no one gets hurt and more importantly, take the leap!Oma Ehiri

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