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The Ebola Scare

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“Cleanliness is next to Godliness’- We were taught right from our days in primary school. Yet, not many people seem to ever take it seriously. even with the common malaria attacks ravaging the country, many still make an effort to keep their environment as untidy as the stables meant for the pigs.But now, an epidemic has come and everyone is at alert. I call it, the Ebola Scare!
A few weeks back, Ebola came into the country courtesy Mr. Patrick sawyer and ever since then, quite a number of people have been said to have the virus and some have even died. The pandemonium has been clowned in various ways but at the end of the day, the reality sticks and stares us hard in the face. Even the Nigerian legend, 2face Idibia has gone on to say that his song, ‘nothing dey happen’ should be a favorite track as the scare by Ebola makes the world tremble for fear of death and we know that a line in that song says, ‘Nobody wan die but the wan go heaven’. 
Last Sunday, when it got to sharing the peace sign, the priest did not give the instruction since it has become optional (all thanks to Ebola). So, I did share the sign of peace with my dad and stretched out my hand to share same with a friend of mine who sat close to me. Only for his ‘friend’ to hold on tight to his hand saying ‘shake only me o! Ebola dey!’. I busted into laughter realizing that indeed, the fear of Ebola is real. Although, he did shake hands with me and a few others, that doesn’t change the fact that we all need to be very careful and take our hygiene seriously.
Just at the end of the blog page, I have a diagram which I came across on the net that summaries some important facts you should know about the virus. For now, invest time in knowing what is true and forget the adage, ‘ What i do not know will never kill me’. My dear, those at the airport did not know and so, they rushed to assist Mr. Patrick Sawyer. the end result is what we are seeing today.
Editor’s note: To all those who have lost loved ones to this virus, I pray that the Lord will console your families and prevent such from ever visiting your families again. I also pray that the Lord will cleanse our land of this sickness so that we will continue to live our lives in peace and not in fear. Should you have any information on the virus that you think we should learn from, do not be afraid to drop your comments. It doesn’t take you more than a minute or 2 to do so. You can follow @bubusn on instagram for some Ebola facts which I saw on that page.
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