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The New Year

In just a twinkle of an eye, 2014 is here already. It is an exciting moment for us all to be alive to experience another year. Congratulations for being a part of this new year!
Firstly, let me apologize for being off the radar for a while. I have been quite engrossed in a lot of things fighting for my attention but, I have never for a second forgotten about my blog fam. I miss you all a whole lot and thanks for all the emails. I am back and I hope to be around better than I was in the last year.

 For us at sociotectonic, we intend to do things a little differently by broadening our horizon. we intend to still focus  alot on social work and community development projects, but we also want you to have a feel of other sectors of the world that in one way or the other affects our lives.

It promises to be an exciting year for us as I look forward to your feedback via your emails and comments as always. I want to say a big thank you for being a part of our 2013.
You can also send in your articles if you want them to be published on the blog or any events that you wish to showcase in order to impact humanity.
I wish you all, a happy new year.
                    ………… Oma.

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