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I am super emotional today for a number of reasons. One of which is that one of my favourite YouTube series, This Is It, has released its last episode.

This Is It is a Nigerian series created, written and directed by Dolapo Adeleke popularly known as Lowladee, who is also the Executive producer alongside Emmanuel Kappo and Nick Mutuma . The series is centered around the Mwendas- 2 young couples played by Nick Mutuma and Chiagoziem Nwakanma.

It takes us through their lives starting from the moment that they met to getting hooked, the struggles that they have had to deal with, their support systems especially Sam played by Stan Nze and Kerry played by Bimbo Ademoye, their career…. Just about everything that young couples could be dealing with.

The best part of this series is having every episode deal with a different issue and watching how Tomide and Dede handle each issue as scripted by Dolapo Adeleke. These were real issues that people deal with and just watching this duo tackle it so graciously gives hope to many young ones like us who live in a society where divorce seems to be the option making many like me develop cold feet at the mention of marriage.

I stumbled on the series on YouTube one of those days when I was bored and just needed another Yoruba movie to keep me company whilst I worked. After watching one episode which I cannot exactly remember now, I had to go find the first episode from season 1, watched it all in a day and started up with Season 2. I have never missed an episode, not like I could with my YouTube sending me alerts with every new episode. However, like most of my favourite series, I knew that every Tuesday was time for a new episode.

Having watched the very last episode of this series, I have come to appreciate the need of great friends in our lives. Friends who stick with you through trying moments and try to help out when the going gets tough. If every couple had the Mwendas or Sam and Kerry as friends, we will speak very little about divorce. I think that the funniest episode for me was the episode where Dede dreamt of having sex with another man yet woke up feeling guilty about it. Not only that, she was keen on trying different sex positions but too shy to let Tomide know. Speaking to the right friend, she knew just what to do to make sure that she wasn’t fantizing about these things when she could just get it from her man.

This Is It is a very educative series that I recommend for every one- single and married. You need to be aware of some of the issues that you could face in your relationship and maybe get a hint on how best to handle it. I cannot wait to watch this with my man both for the entertainment and the education. This is that series that keeps you glued and waiting for more. I always smiled, giggled, laughed, cried…. Yes, I cried when Sam and Kerry travelled and also when Dede had the accident. I was so upset with Dolapo the writer. I thought she was about to make Dede die because the series was coming to an end and I was so not having it. The doctor didn’t even help matters with his indepth description of how much pain Dede could be in. Even as I write this, I can feel the pain he described and wondered how someone in that much pain could possibly go through life if she has an abusive partner? She would probably die right after she gets discharged and that is only if she makes it home.

The sad part of it all is the series has come to an end and once again, I am heart broken and in search of another super exciting TV series. I have no idea why they are drawing the curtain but if it is because of funds, I am hoping that Ndani TV can get on this and have it rolling on their platform. This Is It is the right kind of content for the world to see.

To watch, click HERE.

Have you seen the series, let me know your thoughts about it.


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