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Why You Really Need the Vitamin C Abimazing Box.

Last year, I got the maiden edition of the Albimazing Box. It was the Vitamin C edition and as such, the box had skincare products rich in Vitamin C.

We live in a very humid zone which means that most of the time, the sun is out and hot. The damage it does to the skin is one that we may noot exactly take notice of immediately but eventually. This Vitamin C box which was curated by the founder of Albimazing network, Coco Aniekor, aims at protecting the skin from the rays of the sun and also repair the skin of any damage. These products include konjac sponge, an exfoliating face wash, whipped shea butter, moringa oil and peppermint foot scrub. The best pat of it all which is what attracted me to it, is that all the products are organic.

It has been almost 3 months since I started using the products except for the foot scrub. Hence, I will give you an updated opinion of the products, why you really need the Vitamin C Albimazing box and ways you can incorporate it in your skincare regimen.

Ajali Konjac face spongeKonjac Sponge

The beauty sponge is by Ajali, a Nigerina skin care brand. I see that they have one with AloeVera in it but mine doesn’t. From my research on Africanism Cosmopolitan, I discovvered that the sponge was best used to get rid of makeup more effectively. While it says it can be used alone, I actually apply my facial cleanser before using the sponge to go in.

L’Avannaya Daily exfoliating face washExfoliating face wash

Though it is a daily face wash, I use the product only when I have been out in the sun. I like the scrub effect that it has yet so tender to the skin. Whenever I use it, you can feel the smoothness of the skin compared to when you use a regular wash.

Shea Butter Roots Whipped Shea Butterwhipped shea butter

Everyone knows that Shea butter is a good skin and hair product. I have the one which I use for my hair. Thus, getting one for my skin too saves me the trouble of trying to source the raw product. This eliminates the really strong smell of Shea butter as it has been whipped with honey, jasmine, lemon and spearmint essential oils. During the harmattan, this was great in eliminating dryness and when it’s goes, I still love to use it on my face as a sun screen. Hot or cold, it is the best skin moisturizer that I know.

Moringa oilMoringa oil

I barely use this product but everyone knows how great it is to own essential oil. Moringa oil has quite a plethora of uses which we can discuss in another post, but one of which is that it helps in healing acne scars. Since I do have some bacne, I will try it and let you know how that goes.

Foot scrub

Having a pedicure can be very expensive but with the foot scrub, you can get one done at home. It saves you a lot of money, kills the smell on the feet, softens it and keeps it just as fresh. If you are looking for a foot scrub, you might want to try this.

Subscribing to the box makes it easier for you to get all these products all at once at great prices. You can do so by visiting

Have you tried any of these products before? What was your experience? I will love to get some feedback.

Oma Ehiri

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