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Women’s Walk For Peace

Violence against women is a crime and a threat to the advancement of any society. In a country of almost 160 million, where almost half are women, a third of all women in Nigeria have experienced physical violence and 2 out of 3 women have experienced other types of violence. These are pretty scary numbers.
Join the 1st Annual Women’s Walk for Peace and leave your mark on the campaign to end violence against women. On July 15, young women and men will gather at Transcorp Hilton with the mission of promoting peace, bringing awareness to current women issues and advocating for protective policies to tackle gender-based violence.
The event is organized by A Girl Project, a sociocultural movement that empowers young women from diverse backgrounds to become change makers and future shapers in their schools, workplace, communities, and nations. This is achieved through mentorship, peer learning, and leadership workshops. AGP focuses on two main goals which are:
  • Combating gender-based violence and;
  • Promoting young women’s leadership

Ladies, step out and make your voices heard. Only then can we create real impact.

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