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3 reasons I love Roberto Cavalli Essenza

Christmas is here and while you are out there shopping all the goodies for you and your loved ones, we got one for you- Roberto Cavalli Essenza.

Roberto Cavalli Essenza recently launched in Nigeria this month and guess who got it first- moi! While I will be doing some fashion edits with the fragrance in the new year, I have already unboxed the fragrance and experienced it. I actually used it while attending the shopping parties over the weekend and looks like I have found the scent for the Christmas.

The fragrance comes in a ‘bronzy’ pack with a red line across it and then the brand’s name and the name of the fragrance in black. The inside of the pack is red…. you see where we are going?! Red is one of the colors of Christmas and will certainly send the message of love to her once she ‘unboxes’ the fragrance. You could even purchase it now and save it for the Valentine which is less than 2 months away.20151222_085149-1

Beyond what the brand says, here are 3 reasons why I love Essenza;

  1. The bottle: 20151222_085216-1Any fragrance that comes in a very distinct shape from whatever it is I usually find on the shelves is bound to steal my heart because, anyone who knows me must know by now that my fragrances make the perfect decorations for me. So, this one brings a fresh style of bronze to join its predecessors in my collection. Not only that, the cap of the fragrance bestows royalty on you.
  2. The scent: Esenza comes across strong at first sniff but settles nicely with a sweet smell. An indepth research shows that the top note of the fragrance is bitter almond oil and what we get that I say is sweet is vanilla. In between that is the orange blossom. In one word, the juice is very provocative to the senses and absolutely sensual.
  3. The signature: 20151222_085325-1If you read my review of Paradiso, then you know I have a thing for Roberto Cavalli’s signature. On this one, he placed it conspicuously on the cap which is what makes the cap look a lot like a crown. Every lady deserves to be a Queen!

You didn’t think I was going to sign out without telling you where you can get some of this love? You can find a bottle or more exclusively from Essenza stores nationwide. Should you make a purchase, you are likely to get for yourself a cute luxury gold clutch from Roberto Cavalli.

Now I can sign out with some Christmas scent all over my body courtesy Roberto Cavalli Essenza.

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