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30 Days Beauty Challenge: Bronzers

Bronzers are great alternatives to your contour kit. They help to minimise the appearance of pores, enhance the bone structure, give the skin a sun-kiss complexion and ultimately, make you glow.

There are a variety of bronzers in the market but one which we have tested, is the Guerlain bronzing powder. Not only does it define your skin, it just helps to make your makeup all come together. When applied on the face without any other face makeup like the foundation or your regular powder, it still stands out giving your face a smooth finish as though, a foundation was used. For many who do not like to use heavy makeup but still need to have that glow, we recommend the Guerlain powder which can be purchased from the Essenza store in Ikeja City Mall.

Another reason we love the Guerlain bronzing powder and this time, we are referring to Terracotta, is that, it actually comes in 4 shades. 231925139That is, in one pallete, youu have 4 shades all nicely caked together with little lines to differentiate them. Yet, in one swirl, you have a perfect blend of the colours to give your face the needed glow. But, remember we did say that bronzers are a perfect alternative or substitute for contour kit? Now this is one bronzer that proves that. All you need to do is pick the lighter shades for your highlight and the darker shades for your contour.

Tosin Kayode, the creative director and founder of Ts. Touch uses the sephoras bronzer which is certainly her favourite.

Some people, however, do not believe in the use of a bronzing powder. While we see it as an alternative to the highlight and contour kit, these set of people actually see it as an alternative to the contour kit. Oyinda Akinyera, the CEO of Honey’s Touch, happens to be one of those.

Oyinda says, “I do not bronze, I contour. I love contouring because it can come off as bronzer but still give the face a nice natural slimmer appearance”. And for her contour kit which is the bronzing alternative for her, she chose Sleek face format and Dark eye shadows (MAC hand written). bronzer

Sleek Face Form – Sleek is one of the best brands for contour products. Their contour products are powders, which I think are easier to work with than creams or liquids. The brand has contour palettes for all shades of skin tone.

Dark Eyeshadows (MAC’s Handwritten) – The good thing about Eyeshadows is that they can be used for various things beyond the eyes one of that being contouring. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the perfect contour powder with the right undertone, which eyeshadows it is possible as various dark Eyeshadows have different undertones that would suit different skin tones better. My favourite contours Eyeshadows are MAC’s Embark and Handwritten they are perfect for darker skin.



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