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30days beauty Challenge: Avoiding beauty products that don’t work

Today’s beauty challenge is finding out what your least favourite beauty product is.  That is, beauty products that don’t work for you. And while we did ask our followers on Instagram this morning, our beauty professionals had something to say as well.

Firstly, one comment we had on the Instagram page was our team lead who said she hates bleaching products that turn users to reddish black and she just hates the smell. She also said that she does not do well with products that have horrifying odours, be it a fragrance or just plain lipgloss.

Our beauty professional Tosin of Ts. Touch, did say that she doesn’t like the MAC eyeliner. She didn’t give us a reason but we are guessing that as a MUA, it probably doesn’t give her what she wants from an eyeliner. MAC has other beauty products that are her favourites like the RubyWoo lipstick.

But, how do we avoid these beauty products that do not work for us. Beauty products that just make us spend so much money for absolutely nothing and here is what Oyinda, our beauty professional from Honey’s touch has to say. “I carefully examine my products before I buy them so, when I do get them I usually have no problem with it at all”.

That is all from us today…. Let us know what your least beauty product is.

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