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“A brain on cheese – is a no brainer”

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I often get questions like, what’s the next step after graduation.Are you planning on returning to back to your country? Can you cope with the weather? How long have you been in England? Are you planning on looking for a job in your field? Etc.
Coming from a fractured country, to be precise an African background, these questions are expected but the problem isn’t the question, the problem is the thought of answering the question. It’s a shame my country is faced with so many issues that are beyond reconciliation. A substantial majority of Africans abroad take advantage of these situations therefore making them a pretext to their next step.
Critically writing from a clear perspective, giving the fact I’m in my early 20’s, I have lost count of how many times I get these question’s and  what exactly should be my response – that I reply with statements like, let’s see how it goes or I’d get a job I guess.
I am particularly concerned with the mentality and lack of willingness possessed by many Africans. It becomes a bother watching a young educated young black man who is capable of standing through tough circumstances consider for quits.
One thing we have to understand is that every continent, country, nation, society has a form of proclivity and our lands were built with corrupt intentions hence the consequences laid on the foundation falls on the future but the desire to overlook these clouds and aim for stars is a starting point.
In a much methodized society, education is considered normative which requires visual, tactile and auditory learners to combine knowledge either by way of experience or formal education in building a comfortable society.  Based on my recent survey 75% of students abroad (graduates and undergraduates) are willing to go through these experiences but acquiring these experiences and returning them back to a system that has already been flushed is a “NO BRAINER”. Settling for an unsubstantial gain in a society that is built on debt is a “NO BRAINER”. Adopting the ways of an elite individual with intentions of giving back to the elite is an absolute “NO BRAINER”.

Of course the job market is a struggle, but the first step to succeeding is adopting a new mind-set – I mean, taking everything you’ve learnt and investing into something your country never had.

I’ve been a victim of a naïve thinker, every man is a working progress, I’m very optimistic about the prospects of using my experiences for the benefit of those areas lacking in my country. According to Corrie ten Boom, ‘worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength’.

By Jacinta
Jacinta has currently completed her masters program in International Law with International Relations . With keen interests on issues relating to international policies and developing countries, she is eager to further explore the underlining dynamics of future international policies.
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