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Just take A Chance

Hello Blog fam! It feels like forever when it has been only just one week. I can’t wait for you to read this piece and begin sharing with all of your networks and sharing your thoughts on the blog and your feedback. I really do appreciate feedback because that is the only way I can grow and know if i am doing it right, right? So keep it coming!

Today on the blog, I am talking about taking chances. This was inspired by the Apollos live show on BET.

I was watching the program last night while trying to sort out some orders and bills that need to be paid and orders that I need to pick up. I must say that those young people out on that show have got talent and I am proud of them. I just love it when young people get out there to show the world that they have got something to offer especially when it is a competition. Trust me, I admire their courage cos I don’t fancy competitions at all. It can be depressing when you just get knocked out and that is what I need to talk to us all about including myself.

I guess it is a matter of self esteem and ego right? We don’t want people talking about our failures and making a mockery of our person because of a failed attempt. But you see, if we don’t get plugged to these avenues, we will never know how good or bad we would have fared and we could just be killing our gifts right in-front of our mirror or better still keep deceiving ourselves in the bathroom. There is the need to get out there and make sure of your standing on that gift you possess.

On the Apollos Live show, a guy got 1000 dollars for doing standup comedy for 1minute. How many comedians can boast of earning that much from one show? You know what that is? That is about 170,000 Naira or more depending on the currency exchange at the time you get to read this. If I get that kind of money in ! minute, I should probably take some more vacation right? or do some more shopping? or what? Let me know what you would do if you got that much.

Bottom line, that guy would never have gotten that money if he stayed restricted to his car. If he still didn’t get the money, he sure would know whether he did fair and what he needs to improve or if he has to drop that gift all together and discover what his gift truly is. All I am saying this Friday is…. ‘Just take a chance’!

Have a beautiful weekend reflecting on this and continue to stay inspired.


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