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A New You

The dawn of a new year has begun!

In the middle of 2014, many wondered when the year will come to an end but in a matter of seconds, reality has set and the much anticipated year is here. Some of us ushered in the year with prayers, others partying, many others were responsible for all the beautiful fireworks. This shows that we are all grateful to be alive and be counted among the living population of the world if census were to be taken in 2015.
You probably have the same life you had in 2014, getting ready to go to the same job you had last year and earning just about the same pay but, it is a new year. What this implies is that, you have the power to make sure the year doesn’t go the same way the last one went and that, you achieve a different result from what you got last year. 
It is really important that we accept the prophecy of a new year in our lives and embrace the fresh start. Do not join the crowd that will say, ‘Nothing really is new! It is the same old story being re-written all over again’. For me and according to the prophecy of my priest on New Year, it is a brand new year and a brand new me. 
As designed by God, I am starting the year on that platform. A lot is changing for me in this new year including my job. As the year was running to an end, I was threatened with a life changing decision but took the bull by the horn and chose to understand my worth. Irrespective of how much or little that I am being paid by anyone, I have a right to be respected by my employers just as I show them respect and stay loyal to the company. If I am not getting the required respect for my output which is replicated in the growth of the company, then I need to take a bold stand and damn the consequences.
In the space of trying to ascertain what next to do, something dramatic happened and my life was threatened. I took time off to get treated and since the company was closing for the year, there was no need rushing back to work. In that time, I came up with new ideas for my personal growth and development. I made new contacts and built amazing networks. Now, I have a new tale of increase even in my earnings. 
Sometimes, we need time to shed our old selves so that we can really discover the path that will bring us success. I started in November 2014 which is why I truly embrace a brand new me but it is not too late for you. You can use the extra holiday plus the weekend to do some intense thinking and set time aside to pray to God about what you truly need to have a new you. Open your heart to Him and let Him know that without His help and grace, you can do nothing. Say that prayer in faith and watch Him show you the way to go. 
I believe in the power of the new year and I urge you to do the same. In the spirit of the new year, kindly bookmark my page and visit as often as you can. A few minutes everyday just to run through what I have published will put a lot of smile on my face. When you read, please share them with those around you especially when they interest you. Cultivate the habit of leaving me with comments on the posts or by sending me emails but I would prefer the comments so that others can get involved and it becomes more engaging. 
Follow me on all the active social networks where I exist and keep me company on my journey through 2015. I also want to be able to participate in your lives and do the little that I can with words and propel you to actions. Thank you for starting the year with me and thank you for choosing to be in my space. Remember to follow the blog by email so that you can get every post in your box once a day and take your time to read them when you can. Eventually, I hope to be able to do a news letter which will be published once a week.
Happy New Year and a Happy New You!
With love,


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